Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Winning Bunny!

I entered into the Spring Bunny challenge that The Painted Daisy Crafting community was having and my guy WON!!

He was so much fun to make and create!
The pattern was by Sweetpea Primitives and then I added my own whimsical touches to him.

He is now up for adoption on feel free to place a bid and offer him a loving home!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I Am On A Roll!

I finished up a Valentine Heart for a gift exchange that I am doing at my house on Sunday.
A bunch of girls get together for what is called "Brag Night" and we each bring something yummy to theme is Pasta and Chocolate.......and we sit around and eat and then we go around the circle of girls and talk about things we are Thankful for or accomplishments that we have made since we last got together. There is ABSOLUTELY no Griping or Complaining allowed.......because after all it is easier to sit and complain about our lives than to sit and reflect on the good things that we have in our lives.
It really gets you thinking!

Can't wait to see who picks my bag! :O)

Come Meet Old Salem!

So one of the poor babies crying out to me to finish was Old Salem the Witch Cat!
She has been lying on a corner of my crafting table since October.......BAD, SO BAD!!!

Well I went in there this past weekend and finally brought Salem to life! I'm just hoping she doesn't retaliate by casting a little spell on me for leaving her sit faceless for so long! LOL

She has been created using a Primitive Pear pattern and then I added my own whimsical touches to her.
Her face is all hand painted, as is her hat. I painted silver circles on her hat for a whimsical touch and added a big rusty bell to the top. I added the vintage green tinsel around her neck for a bit of color and to bring out the green in her eyes.
And her grubby banner has been all hand written by little ole me! heeheehee

She is currently looking for a good home where she can practice her spells and create her potions.....all harmless of course! LOL

Hugs and Blessings to you all!


A Bit of a Crafting Slump

Ugggghhhh, I hate when this happens!
I get projects in my head that I want to start creating and when I've gotten them all sewn up......I put them down on my craft table to tend to something else and then I forget about them!
Then when I finally hear them calling my name I sit and stare at them.......kind of a "crafters fog", a dazed look on my face (the Patrick Star effect if you will........Uhhhh Duhhhhh) while I try to invision what they will look like when I'm done.
What kind of face should they have, stitched or painted.......should they be more primitive or primsical (prim with a touch of whimsy added).......what kind of clothes.......blah, blah, blah, blah!

I have things crying out to be finished that are 6 months or more old............Aggggggghhhhhh, somebody help me snap out of this!!

Is there an energy drink or a pill out there for Crafter's Slump? LOL