Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Going To Try Something New!

Altered Art!!!
Don't know what it is about it, BUT I AM LOVING IT!!

Decided that I will start out small and easy and then work my way up......never done this before, but HEY....there's a first time for everything!

I found an amazing website for Altered Art Graphics that I just want to SHOUT about!

The website is
"Lisa's Altered Art" and there are so many stinkin cute graphics to choose from!
Patty has an amazing deal right now and not sure how long it's gonna be around, but you can choose ANY 10 digital collage sheets for $13!! You can also have them printed out and mailed to you as well and shipping is Super Cheap! So head on over and check it out!

There is also an AMAZING group of very talented ladies (and guys) over at
PDA (Paper Digital Art and ImagesbyKim), so if you want some great Tips, Tricks and Tutorials.......NOT to mention LOTS of free digital art, then head on over and sign up to join. You will also be able to check out some AWESOME Altered Art too!!

I am currently working on a pumpkin doll and hope to have him all finished up by next week and I also have some other things in the works as well........so Stay Tuned!!

Have a Wonderful Week!