Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I Am On A Roll!

I finished up a Valentine Heart for a gift exchange that I am doing at my house on Sunday.
A bunch of girls get together for what is called "Brag Night" and we each bring something yummy to theme is Pasta and Chocolate.......and we sit around and eat and then we go around the circle of girls and talk about things we are Thankful for or accomplishments that we have made since we last got together. There is ABSOLUTELY no Griping or Complaining allowed.......because after all it is easier to sit and complain about our lives than to sit and reflect on the good things that we have in our lives.
It really gets you thinking!

Can't wait to see who picks my bag! :O)


Wolfie said...

That's an awesome heart-do!!! Love it!!

And I also love how your blog looks.

Great job!!


Karen said...

Love the heart project!
I love the Brag Night idea too. Sounds like tons of fun.
Love your Blog and come on now and post some more!
Hugs, Karen

Huckleberry Arts said...

What an AWESOME concept to hare the positives!!Now adays its a great thing to hear

Thanks for having my link up let me know which Collage sheet you would like :)