Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hand Painted Dough Ornies......Where'd They Go?

I came across pics of some of the many hand painted dough ornies that I've done over the years and wondered if they were still even popular. So I did a search on the internet and on eBay and they are almost non-existent! You can find plain dough ornies to mix in with your fixins, but not too many painted ones.

The one thing about making them was sometimes you got batches that would crack and you'd have to start all over or you'd get them all painted and sealed and find an annoying crack on the back. One custom order I remember doing was for strawberries and I decided that I would scent the dough with strawberry FO.........I lost half my order because of cracking! I was sooo mad!!

Now painting them was a labor of love and I remember many a late night and a very stiff neck!

Wholesale orders were something you wanted, but yet at the same time dreaded only because of all the work put into these little dough creations.

But all in all I loved making them and loved all the GREAT customer feedback......just sad that the demand for painted dough ornies has slowly faded away.

Can't tell you how many bins of ornies I have sitting around collecting dust! LOL

Anybody out there still make them?


KBPrims said...

OMG they are so stinkin cute!!!

Tammy said...

Wendy they are just great. You did a great job.

Homespun Country Designs said...

There they are! I solove your painted ornies...they are some of the best on the net! I also enjoy painting salt dough ornies...I have many cookie cutters to prove it! LOL! It's too bad they just don't seem to sell anymore though.