Friday, October 3, 2008

Almost Done!

So I'm not the 'speediest' doll maker there ever was! LOL

I am very picky about my work and therefore it sometimes takes me a week or more to finish one doll.......Ok, something I really need to work on!

Well she now has her arms and legs and a head full of hair......some rosey cheeks and last but not least, a little heart.

I am pretty pleased with how she has turned out so far, BUT.......the clothes are what is really bugging me right now. I am a visual person and written instructions for the clothes are leaving me kind of feeling like know, Sponge Bob's pink friend.......Uhhhhh Duhhhhh! LOL

I would like to just go into my sewing room and whip out an outfit for her in record time, but I already know what will happen. I will sit there and read and then re-read the instructions and then trace out my pattern and then sit at my machine and re-read the instructions yet again!!

Why can't this be easy for me??

Well if anybody has a video tutorial or knows of a really great video tutorial on making clothes for your annies and such......can you please post it or email me with it?

Please, me lose the Patrick image!!! LOL

So today I will be in my sewing room working on annies outfit and once I get it done and my dollie dressed, I will be posting pics so you can see my finished creation!

Have a GREAT Day!


Shay said...

I didn't even know you blogged! Dang girl! Okay I feel like that too with the clothing, can I be Sponge Bob though? hehehe!

I haven't seen any video tutorials on clothes making but from what I've seen with your dollies and what I've heard, you do a fantastic job! Love the round head dollie! She's way cute!
Have a great Friday!

primmom said...

Well I just joined the 'bloggin' world and I'm liking it!
Thanks for the sweet comments about my know that I absolutely LOVE your creations!
Now I'm going to have to come and hang out with you and get some 'Tips and Tricks' from you! LOL

Big Hugs Spongebob! LOL

Wolfie said...

I really love your doll.... you have done an AWESOME job on her.

I know mine won't turn out near as well as yours!!!

Great job!!!


Tammy said...

She's coming along great. You will get the hang of bloggin. I love although I have done much posting, but it's fun all the same. Keep up the good work, cant wait to see the finished product. I know she will be fab... Happy Crafting. Tammy